Monday, June 4, 2012

Garrett Bryon Towler

 Prepping for Delivery
 7lb 13oz of perfection :-)
 Their First Meeting he was hungry already
 Sister feeding brother his first bottle
 Pa Pa and his new little Grandson
All the Kids at the hospital for visiting

Its Been a Year plus some :-)

 Easter 2012 Just a quick family Picture

Nursery did a number to the princess hair it was much cuter when we left for church :-)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Easter Sunday

Little family pic as we rush out to church .
(Thanks Whit)

Really Right Now

Brand New Bottle of coco butter loation :-) seriously almost the whole bottle
Her jammies were covered as was her hair :/
Cought in the act she was totaly enjoying her self till I walked in ???
Put on the pout for mom of course.
All happen when i went to start one load of laundry ..Not a real harsh punishment hot bath and a otter pop :-0BUT pretty cheap lesson to learn thanks sis for keeping mommy on track love you lots :-) as for the lotion on the carpet you better suck up to the land lords :-)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Morning

spoiled little girl
checking out the goods
new shoes must be tried out side of course ???
blurry the camera was out in car so it was fogging up..:-/
Before she knew what was going on she hunted for eggs like a crazy woman she loved it but i recorded the whole thing instead of pic oh well i guess ill learn :-0

Easter EVE .....

Tetonia Easter egg hunt with the cuzins had was in a diff age group so she is not pictured while hunting for eggs :-)
Helping sister
Before it started the kids just saw the Easter bunny
Getting her egg witch was real and she later Broke by banging it on the ground. :=)
Girls are just to cute

The Day before the night before Easter.

All Finished We colored eggs just plain solid bright colors that`s my favorite.
Sister and daddy showing her egg
TO SASSY ..........
She put all the eggs in the cups and loved it every time :-)